tAkE mE hOmE sOmEtHiNg To StReAm mY zInEs wEeKlY wAtChInG

iSoLaTi0n WILL be hArD
CiNeMa wIlL aLwAyS bE tHeRe F0r Us.

if you're looking for something to watch or someplace to watch things
I have some suggestions for you!

Numero 1: KANOPY!
This one's completely free.
You get 12 watches a month.
All you need in a library membership and you can sign up on your libraries home page.

Mubi is incredible!
ATM you get three months for just $1!!
Mubi has a very selective library of independents films but oh boy does it deliver.
There's 30 films to choose from
Every day a new film is added with the oldest film being taken away.

//ViRtUaL cInéMAtHèQuE//
3. Virtual Cinémathèque3. Virtual Cinémathèque
ACMI's film collective, Cinémathèque
Virtual Cinémathèque are graciously releasing a hand-picked double feature of classic and contemporary films to watch every Tuesday night
You can watch these gems on SBS onDemand.
I'm personally EXTREMELY excited about this!
I've been following Cinémathèque for a while and if it weren't for the costly membership fee i would've joined up yonks ago!
SO being able to watch their selection of films FREE and on SBS is wonderful.

//sBs WoRlD mOvIe ChAnNeL//
Four. SBS 24hr World Movies
Let us NEVER forget about the gift that is SBS World Movies.
That's right, a whole channel dedicated to playing films 24HOURS A DAY!
It's wonderful being able to watch free-to-air telly and just clock out to a movie!
These films are also accessible on SBS onDemand as well of course!

//ScHl0CkY h0Rr0R pIcTuRe Sh0w// Vortex TV is 24/7 online streaming of "horror hosts, b-movies and cult classics!"
This site/show is in EST timezone so i never know what i'll tune in on but it's always strange and perfect.
Sometimes I'll tune in halfway through a strange 60's tv show with unerving overtones.
Sometimes I'll sneak in just in time for a FANTASTIC film
I love the not knowing what's playing and being suprised by a gem.
It's truly something else, highly entertaining and engaging while also being something you can just have on for some background entertainment and noise!

I just found out about this one!
It's an American FREE streaming site!!
It looks like it's FULL OF TRASH.
Like straight to tv BAD movies!
HOWEVER it has all three seasons of Tales FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER
Not only does it have that classic 90's joy ride.
Tubi also gives us 11 episodes of Elviras Movie Macabre!!
What a bloody gift.